Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Spring Faces"

6"H x 6"W on Raymar Canvas Panel, Framed
$95.00, S&H to your ZIP
To Purchase, email me at

 Ah! Remember Spring...I think it lasted about two minutes!  Well, these lovely ladies were in small pots on my front step/planter area.  I just returned from a week away at The Clearing Folk Art School in Ellison Bay, Wisconsin.  I took an excellent oil/pastel workshop from Frankie Johnson and was also there while the Door County Plein Air Festival was going on.  Anyway, I digress...When I returned I found all my potted plants to be burned to a pulp by the incredibly hot and humid weather that the Chicago area had during the past week.  So even though my pansies had gotten a little leggy the first of July, I had cut them back to rejuvenate them and kept up the watering and some fertilizer.  But to no avail!!  They are officially over!   But you may have them forever..what a deal!