Monday, October 24, 2011

Gloria J.Zucaro's Ten Minute Pumpkin Challenge

Two side-by-side 6"H x 6"W Raymar Canvas Panels
These may be bought as a set or individually for $35.00 each.  The money from the sale will go to Feed the Children Challenge on the Daily Paintworks site after this weekly challenge ends next Saturday.

These pumpkins are the second 10 minute challenge from Carol Marine.  The object is to paint one still life object 8 times.  Each time you do it you are allowed 10 minutes to paint the subject.  When your timer rings, you must stop.  As you can see from my pumpkins, each time you paint it, you have made decisions about what you want to accomplish or change in each one.  I started quite large and ended large.  I changed some colors along the way, too.  By the end I pretty much knew what I wanted to say.  Does this mean I must paint everything 8 times before I get a satisfactory painting??  No, it means though that I should paint as much as possible and really analyze my still life for its' shapes, colors and values before I jump into the painting.  I mixed my pools of color before I started the timer so that I wouldn't waste time experimenting.