Monday, March 12, 2012

"Two Cruellers, A Filled & A Long John, Please"

8"H x 8"W Original Oil on Raymar Canvas Panel

The Daily Paintworks assignment this week is to "Paint Your Donut".  So, of course, one was not enough since I would be painting at the Mainstreet Studio with my friends.  I ran(not literally!) to Jewel and picked some donuts from the bakery department thinking I would maybe just paint the green decorated Long John in honor of Saint Patrick's Day.  I had brought a red plate and a green plate with me, figuring that most donuts have a reddish tone to them.  When I started my set-up I thought I liked it better with a variety instead of just one donut.  I finished the painting by lunchtime, so these were our dessert.  Yum!