Monday, April 2, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Race For The Eggs!"

6"H x 6"W Original Oil Painting on canvas panel

Well, I am finally home and well enough to paint!  I had a wonderful 10 day trip to the pacific     Northwest to visit an old friend in Anacortes,Washington for 3 days then drove down Whidbey Island to the town of Langley.  The Whidbey Island Fine Art School operated by Cary Jurrians was hosting a Dreama Tolle Perry workshop for 5 days.  I was intrigued by Dreama's use of transparent oils in her paintings and her wonderful writings and paintings in her blog posts, so just forced myself to take a trip out to see her in person! LOL!  Any excuse!  I am so glad that I did because Dreama is a wonderful instructor and a fun and giving person.  I met lots of other artists from across the USA, too, and we hope to keep in touch.  Cary was an absolutely wonderful hostess with fresh fruit, coffee and homemade baked goods every morning.  Faye Castle , the class monitor was such a help with any questions about supplies, restaurants, and putting out all the goodies every day. Cary and her husband hosted us for dinner on Sunday with the most wonderful homemade breads, choices of pasta, salad and fresh berry cobbler for dessert.  I stayed at a lovely B & B called Country Cottage of Langley operated by Tom and Jacki Stewart.   A beautiful waterview room with delicious breakfasts every morning.  They were eager to arrange meal times and anything else you might need.  The last night I was there I came down with  "stay up all night" stomach issues.  They were so kind and brought crackers and gingerale, ginger tea, ginger chews to try to ease my upset.  I slept later than checkout and they gave me help with the suitcases to the car and insisted I take a banana to see if I could keep that down a little later.  That trip home was not the best I have ever experienced!  But all is well!

Now for the painting above...This is the weekly challenge from the Daily Paintworks site.  The theme is anything Easter.  So here is a still life of one of my Easter decorations.