Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gloria J Zucaro's "For Lucy" and "Aura2"

"For Lucy"
3.5" Square on Official Zentangle Tile.  140 lb. Watercolor Paper
Pen & Ink, Metallic Markers.

3.5" Square on Official Zentangle Tile.  140 lb. Watercolor Paper
Pen & Ink
$3.00 free shipping for tile itself.  See examples of framing options below second design.

These two tangle designs are for Laura's " I am the Diva" challenge this week.  Last week Laura's darling baby, Artoo, was in the hospital with pneumonia, so no challenge last week.  I am so happy that Artoo is recouping at home now which is less stressful for them both as well as the rest of Laura's family.

The challenge design this week is doing auras around your basic design.  An aura is sort of like an echo, where the waves of sound keep flowing outward, or like throwing a pebble into water.  In my first design I did a tribute to my daughter, Lucy, as April 17 is her birthday.  I will frame this to give to her when we get together.  She works as an elementary education art teacher, so no nights out during the week! :-)  The design says April 17 2012 happy Birthday Lucy.

In my second design I went through my collection of designs and picked about 7 different designs and did my variations on them.  Then I began to make an aura around them.  As the lines flow outward they change as they bump into the other designs, so that you always have a change of shape.  I love the random nature of tangles because the end result is always a surprise.

An example of 8"H x 10"W Frame 
This framing option is $25. which includes two mats, glass, frame, back cover and hanging wire.

An example of 8" Square Frame,
 Available in natural (shown), darker wood finish, white or black painted finish.
This framing is $10. which includes frame, glass and hanger.