Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Study Day One"

12"H x 12"W oil on board
This painting has been donated to The Heart of good Shepherd Hospital "Let's have Tea" fundraiser held to promote awareness of heart disease in women.  And it sold!

My supplies from the Dreama Tolle Perry workshop arrived late yesterday.  On our first day we had introductions and a name tag with an affirmation given to us.  After our intro we were to read our affirmation.  My name tag got displaced around the fourth day, but my affirmation was something like"the world is a better place because I share my creative talents."  Next we learned about the palette starting with transparent oils and the addition of the rest of the palette colors.  Afterward Dreama started her "chunky" demo for this painting above.  The term chunky referring to the process of demoing in three or four parts so that we wouldn't forget how she had started.  At the end of each part we returned to our easels and painted up to where that part of the demo had ended using a photo she had given each of us.   It was a fun and interesting first day!