Friday, January 11, 2013

Gloria J Zucaro's "Relax Phicops!"

I enjoyed doing my Diva Challenge for the week.  Laura's Husband Brad designed a new tangle called "Phicops".  I used it in my tangle(3.5" square) and in my greeting card below.
Two cards done last night.  I did one for a birthday, kind of quirky! and one for my resolution word for 2013 "Relax!" linking to Jenn's The Artist's Workshop
Pen & Ink on 4 x 6 cardstock with marker.  I chose "Relax!" as my word because I am always very intense and over booked & overscheduled   So I decided to try to "Cool it" and "Chill!" a little more this year.

Pen & Ink on 4 x 6 cardstock.  Part of this design is from the Diva Challenge from a new tangle made by Laura's husband Brad called "Phicops"