Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gloria J Zucaro's "Sunset at Sea" Pastel

My pastel painting today is from a photo by Michael Yates.  He posted it in 2010 to Paint My Photo which is a copyright free site.  I painted this for the Daily Paintworks Challenge of the week.  The challenge was to paint with your non-dominant hand and was suggested by Christine Holzschuh.  I knew when I saw the challenge that I would try a landscape/ seascape.  I had recently had an email from a friend in Hawaii who is an artist on vacation from Illinois.  Lucky her!  We just had some ice, then a downpour of rain and thunder!  Anyway I didn't want to use her photo because she might get really mad at me!  My friend Corrine had told me about Paint My Photo.  I went to their gallery of photos and searched for "Hawaiian sunset".  Believe it or not this was the only one I found with that tag.  I was true to the challenge until the very end when I forgot one time and found myself changing to my right hand to get the mast drawn in as straight as I could.  I quickly switched back to my left hand.  Working with the opposite hand was not easy, and I have a stiff neck from holding my body in a different direction.  But other than that I found I could accommodate to it.  Maybe my brain grew a little? Ya think?!

Click on image to enlarge....SOLD
16"w x 12"H on Canson Mi-Tientes Pastel Paper.