Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gloria J Zucaro's " Zentangle for Maria"

My first effort after total shoulder replacement of my right shoulder.  I am feeling good and PT is going well. Two of my good friends took me to lunch this week and I received a beautiful set of 2 cups with peacocks on them from Maria.  Maria was the one who first told me about Zentangles.  I finally decided to try to get back to doing a little art.  I will certainly also do something for all the other friends who have taken me to lunch or dinner, sent cards, given me flowers and even brought and served a wonderful lunch here at my home so that I wouldn't have to go out.  I started with a pattern called "Quandary" that was suggested on Laura Harms website   It is the pattern that looks like grains of rice that form a flower shape.    It was nice to get back to doing a little piece of art as a "thank you".

4" x 4" ink and  Prismacolor  Art Stix on watercolor paper