Thursday, January 1, 2015

Gloria J Zucaro's "January First 2015"

Happy New Year to Everyone,
Today my post is some photographs I have taken lately and how I altered them in Photoshop Elements.

Here is a photo of the bench in my back yard and my pesky squirrels.  
It is called "Squirrel's Christmas Party"
Here it is after using Photoshop Elements Filters called Artistic Cutout
It looks abstract, which is kind of neat.
Then below I used Enhance-Adjust Color Curves.  I increased the highlights and shadows, it looks much more dramatic and rich.  So much fun.  You can click on the images to enlarge to see the full effect.

The next photograph captured some crystals I had hanging in the window. 
First the original photo and beneath it, the photo enhanced with a filter called Misc. Effects, Fluorescent Chalk.  People really liked it and I had a purchase offer, but they thought I had painted it!  I told them it was only in my hoo!  Oh well, I had fun with these.


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Have a wonderful week,