Thursday, January 8, 2015

Gloria J Zucaro's "Composition Gauguin"

I decided to do another in the floral series using an "Old Master" painter's work as a reference.  I picked a Gauguin floral still life this week.  I researched his color palette and a little about his technique.

These were the colors mentioned.  They are oil colors.  I am currently using pastels.  Since an oil painter can make many combinations from these colors, I started with these basic pastels but added to them to get the colors I needed.
  • Prussian blue
  • Cobalt blue
  • Emerald green
  • Viridian
  • Cadmium yellow
  • Chrome yellow
  • Red ochre
  • Cobalt violet
  • Lead white
  • Zinc white
  • The basic colors mention in the article on
  • Typically Gauguin painted outlines of the subject directly onto the canvas in diluted Prussian blue. These were then filled in with opaque colours (rather than building colour up through glazes). The dark outline heightens the intensity of the other colours. 
Here is that original photo of my set-up

The first thing I did was draw my original floral on the canvas in pencil.  I then added some new parts to the composition to mimic Gauguin's composition.  He had put a Japanese woodcut into the background and had a very South Seas looking jug.  Since I had neither, I made up an abstract in the background and added a jug-like vase in the area where he placed his.  I then outlined everything in "Prussian Blue" as the article mention.  Gauguin's painting seemed very flat with no real light source.  He also had some stray leaves pointing up at his still life, so I did the same.  I used many of his colors rather than the Fall colors of my original reference.
Below is my first step

Next starting to color in the background.

Then I totally forgot to take pictures until I was finished!

Here is my reference from Gauguin

Here is my final "Composition Gauguin"
8" x 10" Soft Pastel on Sanded Paper Unframed.
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I hope you enjoy my paintings :>)  Gloria

I was invited by Valerie & Susi after posting, to join in to Art Journal Journey.  Their site is featuring each artist's version of a "Master" painter that they like, so my current theme series fits right in.  Thank you ladies.  Pop-in to see each artists' rendition of their favorites painter.
I was also invited to share my work on "The Queen of Creativity" by Kate. Thanks so much!