Friday, January 23, 2015

Gloria J Zucaro's "Too Much to Comment"

Although I worked on both of my unfinished projects from last weeks blog, I received sad news this week about my mother and just seemed to be drained of energy.  My mother 93, was in the hospital from Thursday until Monday evening when she was taken back to the nursing wing of the retirement residence where she lives.  After 2 CAT scans and 2 MRI's we had not been told much.  Finally yesterday afternoon, her doctor called my brother who lives not far from her, and said she has a tumor on her kidney which is cancerous and it has spread to her lungs...hence all the coughing she has.  She refused chemo, radiation or surgery, stating "It is silly at this age".  She told me she is not in any pain at all.  I am planning on going to see her this next week, and to relieve my brother who lives near-by.  We both feel in limbo because the doctor has not told my brother who has the Power of Attorney for health care what her timeline is!  They won't talk to me because of Hippa Laws.  So we don't know, does she have 2 weeks, or 2 years!

I hope you have a better week!  I hope to talk and art again soon.