Friday, January 16, 2015

Gloria J Zucaro's "Three Down, Two to Go"

This week I finished three small projects and got two others started.  I finished "Rope Jumper". Here she is below with her rope.  I watched a champion rope jumper on You Tube to see the handles in her hands and how the rope would drape.  I gave her a face and took away her chunky forehead.  I also added more paint all around her.  This painting is Oil on a gessoed board and is 7"H x 5" W.
We finally had our family Christmas on Sunday the 11th.  On Monday I wrote my thank you notes.  I made a special one for my 7 year old grandson, hoping he would take notice.  He called today and he was so impressed!  I got a big kick out of it!  I had drawn with black ink the two presents that he had picked out for me especially.  One was a new wallet.  He had given me one the year before last and it was shot.  he knew that and picked a new one.  He also gave me a little cache pot with a young boy kneeling near a cross.  I printed his note rather than using script.

Before I forget..My friend Polly who lives in Anacortes, Washington gave me the neatest "altered" book.  It has 96 multimedia pages and was made by "slow art studio & bindery" on Lopez Island, WA .  It also has two little pockets on the front and back inside covers.  And look at the neat covers!!!  

Inside Front
Inside Back
Some Pages
Back Cover

I also did a Zentangle for the first time in quite a while.  I did it on a 4 x 6 card.  The prompt was from Laura Harms at the "" website.  It is Laura's 200th post and she asked us all to do a monotangle.  We were to use just one design, our pick.  I used a pattern called "Stiricles".

The card is sitting on a journal page that I am doing for Community Thrive, a new group I joined to learn more about journals, collage and art forms other than painting.

One of the two projects I started but haven't finished is a pen drawing of an impromptu music concert at The Clearing Folk Art School in Ellison Bay, WI a couple of years ago.  I plan to finish it in watercolor.  I think next time I will need to use a different pencil for the initial drawing. This one is too smudgy.
The reference below
And finally the last item this week.  An oil painting of a mission church in Arizona just barely blocked in in some areas.
The initial steps of the painting, with the reference below.

Have a good week and check the Zentangles and paintings done on the sites mentioned.