Friday, December 9, 2016

Gloria J Zucaro's "The Farm at Old McHenry and Route 22"

This week I am so happy to have been chosen by the random generator to show examples of my art on Paint Party Friday, hosted by Kristin and Eva.  There are at least 60-80 artists every week exhibiting on this wonderful site.  You truly get to know your fellow contributors from around the world.

This week I will keep it short and simple!

I finished to my liking a scene from a photo taken from my car at an intersection- while stopped at the red light, of course!  I was attracted to the cluster of farm buildings and a typical Mid-Western farmhouse.  The painting went through extreme changes as I progressed.  I printed it in color and black and white.  I had done a thumbnail sketch of it in my class with Kim Casebeer and also used that as a guide.   The bottom sketch below is my thumbnail of this scene.

Then when deciding what colors to use, I leafed through a copy of National Geographic and found a page that appealed to me.  But even there my colors drifted into more of the blues and purples than the pale yellows and violets. This is the end result.  Titled "The Farm at Old McHenry and Route 22".
10"H x 20"W. Oil on gallery wrapped canvas.

Thank you for visiting and for leaving your comments.
And thank you again, Kristin and Eva for giving me this opportunity!
Happy PPF, everyone!