Thursday, January 5, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro's "First Five Days of Creative Jumpstart 2017"

I joined Nathalie Kalbach and 27 other artist demonstrators to participate as a student for the month of January.  Since I can only show Paint Party Friday one post, and since I have to post each project separately for the special CJS 2017 link-up, this is my second post tonight.  I will show you the 4 days of projects so far.  Day one was a welcome video by the hostess Nathalie.  Each of the other four days were other artists whose demos we watched and used some of their techniques to do our own version of the project. Please check in to Paint Party Friday hosted for the last 6 years by Eva and Kristin.  You will find wonderful art and inspiration there.
First Project Day 2 with Marsha Valk

Day 3 with Mystele Kirkeeng

Day 4 with Glyn Macey

Day 5 fourth Project with Pam Carriker