Thursday, February 1, 2018

First Day Of February

Hello, this week I have a group of greeting cards and a couple of paintings.  I can't believe how quickly January came and went! I found a few days for painting.  Below are different projects, some done with Creative Jumpstart 2018 hosted by Nathalie Kalbach and some cards done for friends and relatives.  I have been practicing some of the new techniques that were shown in CJS.  I especially like the many layers with paints of all types(watercolors,acrylics, sometimes mixed together or with inks) stamps, stencils, and some collage. Drips, drops and splatters are fun, too!  Happy Paint Party Friday!     

CJS Project with Cathy Scanlon  Liquid watercolor blended with white paint.

CJS Project with Annie O'Brien Gonzales  A little bit of everything thrown in!

My Grandson loves elephants, a 7 x 5 card. Layers of SILKS acrylic paints and stamps with Posca Pens.

A card for relatives in MA  Silks, map collage pieces, Posca Pen

Another 5 x 7 card made for an artist friend who makes beautiful clay pots, all with a lizard and leaf motif. SILKS, Heavy bodied, and fluid paints, with stamps in ink and paint, gesso, stencils, Posca Pens, Cut out, NeoColors.