Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Lady Prizefighter "

Okay, you may laugh, now!  Or are you horrified?!  :)

The painting below was done in my last portrait class with Ann Feldman...and although I did it in fun, Ann was not pleased!  The story...Ann gave us three sheets of reference photos that had eyes, noses, and mouths, all done by Sargent, or Manet.  We were to practice one of each, then move on to trying a couple others in each category.  Well, I had done my eyes at the end of last weeks class.  So I tinted the bottom 2/3rds of the canvas sheet with a peachy color.  But then instead of painting a nose separately on the middle area under the eyes, I thought it would be fun to attach the other persons(male nose, facing a different way) to my beautiful eyes!  Ann was not amused(at first!).  She said "Gloria, what have you done!, I can't stand to look at it!"  Well, I continued on my merry way with the mouth, too.  But then even I couldn't  look at it.  The eyes previously painted were too small for the big nose and mouth, and too close together.  So I changed the eyes somewhat.  I added an outline of the face(which didn't help!)  At the right bottom is the beginning effort of a mouth by Manet.  I will show you my reference "parts" so you can see what they should have looked like individually.

Happy Halloween!