Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gloria J Zucaro's "Step Four & Palette Knife Landscape"

This week for Paint Party Friday, I have two paintings to show you for the week.  I also did two ink drawings for the Diva Challenge which I posted on Monday night.  Below is my final painting done in Ann Feldman's Contemporary Impressionism class.  We all used only a palette knife and a photograph she had of the scene.  The main lesson was blocking in the three values, Dark, Mid and Light first thing.  But even as we did that we used lots of different colors in the correct value, as you can see if you click on the image to enlarge.

10"H x 8"W on Oil on GessoBord
$75.00 starting bid on Daily Paintworks

Next is an update on my galaxy painting.  This week I took out Saturn which was not in a good area.  Then I used all my dark colors of blues, alizarin, and veridian to make a more interesting sky/outer space in the background.  I also started mixing various grays to block in my paper clips, Christmas tree hooks, and washers.  Next I will finish painting my sculpture, add more planets in the background, and do the foreground.  Click to enlarge.
24"H x 18"W Oil on Stretched Canvas.  Happy Paint Party Friday!
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