Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gloria J Zucaro's "Oops Day"

Hello!  I attended a pot-luck luncheon with a group of artists friends yesterday and forgot about posting when I got home.  At our get-together in Huntley, IL every July at Sandy's house, we not only bring a salad or dessert to pass, but we bring show & tell of some things we have been working on.  Many times we also do a project.  This year Sandy had us bring some supplies and we all did some "Pourings"  It was fun and different.  She learned to do it with enamel paint for automobiles.  But we used acrylics.  I think the oil based paints are more of a surprise because they continue to "move" until they dry and you get much different results than what you started with.  We all had a couple of canvas boards or stretched canvases.  We poured some acrylic paint into small disposable cups and added enough water to make them pourable but not too runny.  We each had a large aluminum pan to do this over out on Sandy's patio.  After we were done we washed out her aluminum trays and put our mostly dry paintings into our own aluminum trays to carry our work home. 

Here are my two poured paintings, and the first project from The Clearing.

This was done on an 8" square canvas board.  The blue on a 3/4" gallery wrapped canvas 10" x 8"

Below is our warm-up painting at The Clearing.  Easy figures in a group.  Start by making different lengths and widths of color next to each other with a flat brush or in my case the end of a square soft pastel.  Have the bottom end tapering off.  Turn the paper upside down and add sort of "V" shapes to the "tails" of color and add a dot to every flat end of the original strokes.  Turn right side up and add a "shadow" of color under the group.  You are done!  Easy Peasey people!  You can make them more elaborate by adding hats, or brief cases with arms, balloons, etc.                        Have a great day! :>)  Gloria
Don't forget to stop by Paint Party Friday tomorrow, it is so inspiring!