Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Picasso via Nathalie Kalbach on Defragmented Explorations

That is a long title!  Basically in Nathalie's demo she explained a very interesting concept. You pull out 4 or 5 small objects with nice shapes and draw them onto your surface with pencil. You draw their backs, their fronts, their bottoms, their tops, their sides!  You start with one object, drawing it from one viewpoint and then as you draw the others you fill up the entire surface. This is my version, using some objects I had lying around. A soft bodied paint bottle, a small pair of scissors, a 2" paint brush, a pencil sharpener and a scotch tape dispenser. Her final project looked more cubist because she shaded her objects. But I had fun and learned a lot while doing it. 
I used oil pastels and Neocolor watersoluble pastels and a Sharpie oil marker for outlining. Oh, I used some Derwent Inktense pencils and Liquitex paint markers, too.
Cubist Project

In the beginning

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