Saturday, February 24, 2018

Collage and Cards.

This was somewhat of a slow week art-wise.  I have been uninspired as of late and have only done art in classroom situations, except if it comes to doing something for a grandchild.  Maybe it is the soggy and gray days---Spring is coming---eventually!

I have two collage pieces one 5 x 7 in my sketchbook, and one on a 6 x 6 piece of wood. In Karen Sako's class we were to pick at random three papers from a magazine, old homework notebooks, a music workbook and maps and then proceed. We could add whatever else we wanted to after gluing down our papers.

I call this one "Finger Pointing".

In this piece I was inspired by the two arrows on the homework page.  Then I saw a brown bag with an arrow also.  That is my "Theme".

This is the card. The areas top and bottom are the table it was on. I wanted a square format, as I sometimes post to Instagram.  I made this card for my nine year old Grandson who also loves Pugs-two weeks ago I posted an elephant card for him.  The incentive for the card is a letter I received from him.  His class at school had to write a handwritten letter to someone, and then the school asked that recipients return a handwritten letter to the school, and the student will read it aloud in class.  If you enlarge by clicking, you will see the two old dictionary descriptions for the word "Dog" and for "Pug".  I got the photo from images on Google and coated the back and front with Blick Polymer Acrylic, so it would be less likely to wrinkle when glued down.  I also used "Yes" paste which has less water content, and that also helps in a smooth application.

Have a wonderful week and Happy PPF to you and a big thank you to our hostesses, Eva and Kristin.    
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