Friday, March 2, 2018

Linking to Paint Party Friday.
This week  some collage and a cold wax & oil painting.
I started a 6 week class with Karen Sako who teaches mixed media collage.
The first week we were handed an envelope and told that it was our homework.

The collage below was done with the pieces in my envelope. It is approximately 7 x 5.  After I glued everything in place and outlined the sections with a Marks All Pencil, I didn't like the grungy look on the pretty colors. So I painted them all with Golden Soft Body Paints in their original colors from the envelope. I also added the red and aqua areas of paint to balance the colors of the papers. When it dried I added the dots and ruled lines in black and white.

The piece below was a ten minute piece. We were to tear a random page from a magazine then create a collage.   The "rush" shows in the execution of this piece!  The page I tore out had an article that showed several head shots and one of feet. I quickly, with no planning, glued them on! Then added the rather sloppy lines and dots.  Since the article is about Composition, it is ironic that I didn't pay any attention to that.  I really don't do well under time pressure!

Here is my Cold Wax and Oil painting.  I had a reference of a meadow. I am trying to be somewhat abstracted but also have a traditional focal point.  I think I succeeded with this one, I like it!
This has about 8 layers of paint that were scratched through and skimmed over so that some of the color would show underneath each layer.

Have a good week and thank you, Kristin and Eva.


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