Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gloria J Zucaro's "Cadent Floral"

Original Pen & Ink Drawing on Official Zentangle watercolor Tile
3.5" Square
$3.00 plus $1.00 Shipping.
May be framed, see tab above.

This is my challenge entry for the   The challenge Diva Laura gave us this week is called "Tanglation Nation: Cadent"  A tanglation is when you take a recognized pattern and change it's design by adding another design to it, or distort its shape.

Gloria J Zucaro's "Into The Light"

Original Ink Drawing on official Zentangle watercolor tile.
3.5" square.
Unframed, see framing options above.
$3.00  S&H  $1.20 USA  Foreign countries, Please Email Me

This drawing is to honor Peter, the brother-in-law of  Rho Densmore who died suddenly and is the challenge on the site.  The "road" in my drawing is Rho's  tangle design called  "Fiore di Pietro"
Permission granted, Rho!

Gloria J Zucaro's "Illinois Landscape Tangle"

Original 3.5"Square Ink & Colored Pencil Design
Official Zentangle Tile Watercolor Paper

$3.00 plus $1.00 S&H

This is my weekly challenge entry for Laura the Diva's prompt of"Home".  I live in Illinois about 40 miles out from Chicago which sits on the Western side of Lake Michigan.  I depicted Lake Michigan in my tangle in blue.  I love the Midwest with it's corn fields and natural Prairie flowers such as the Coneflower, pictured here.   We have beautiful sunsets and good soil as one of the country's " bread basket" states.  I am inserting pictures of the city of Chicago on lake Michigan, and a typical cornfield.

Gloria J Zucaro's " Eccentric Circles"

Original Pen & Ink Drawing on 3.5" Square Official Zentangle Tile
(Watercolor Paper)
$3.00  $1.00 S&H

Well, I am finally back doing a little artwork, after a week of coughing-like-crazy and Pink Eye and an allergic reaction to the pink eye drops!  But all is well, now, so let's have fun!  This is my creation for the  challenge of the week which was to draw a string of circles that were not quite circles but were defined as eccentric circles, which means not quite centered!  Sounds like some people I know...thankfully, because they make life more interesting.

Gloria J Zucaro's "Be An Example!"

3.5" square Original Ink Design on Official Zentangle Tile(watercolor paper substrate)
$3.00 plus $1.00 S&H in USA
Foreign Country buyers, Please contact for S&H at   Email Me 
To enlarge for more detail, click on the photo.
If you would like to see examples of how these designs look framed, click on tab in menu bar above.

I started with small circles that I connected randomly.  Then I put a different design in each of the alternating shapes, mostly triangles.  It was really absorbing to do, because I had no idea where I was going or what design I might put in each section.  Enjoy the exploration.

I wish you all a Happy 4th of July and hope you have a "cool" celebration with family and friends.  As for myself, I will be at Ravinia listening to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra this afternoon with two artist friends sitting, hopefully in the shade, in 101 degree heat!  We are taking a picnic and mucho water!

Gloria J Zucaro's "Eccentric Woman with Cat"

Original Ink Design on 3.5" Square Zentangle Black Tile
(Watercolor Paper)
Last night I decided I wanted to try another eccentric drawing.  I picked one of my black tiles and my gold Uniball pen.  After I drew my string, I noticed I had a couple of "eye" shapes.  These determined much of the design, which turned into a woman and a cat!  There is another face of sorts off to the right side, but not as easily discernible.  I really love these crazy misshapen circles!  Thank you Diva, Laura for the challenge.

Gloria J Zucaro's "Orbital Stack Bookmark"

7.5"H x 2.74"W  
Original Pen,Ink & Colored Pencil Bookmark on 
Ivory Granite Paper
$3.00            $1.00 S&H
Click on Photo to enlarge

This effort is for Jennifer Mcleans' bookmark Challenge due by Saturday, May 26th.    for The Artists Playroom.    I did it tonight, because I am having my mom come for a visit starting May 23rd.  I want to devote all my attention to her, since we only see each other about once a year.  Mom is 91 years young!  So I will be spending all my time for awhile just visiting with her, my children and grandchildren.  This photo was a little askew, so I didn't crop it down all the way.  The actual cut will be at the edges you see above at the outer edge of the design. I used a stack design with tangles.

Gloria J Zucaro's "Let's Play Pinochle!"

"Pea-nuckle #1"
3.5" Square
My first attempt at the new tangle by Molly Hollibaugh.
I found this very difficult, because I didn't have my "S's" lined up.
I did like doing it on a black Zentangle Tile, however.  It saved time in the fill areas.
I used "Purk" and "Footlites" & "Sannibelle" in addition.  

"Pea-nuckle #2"
Still very much a struggle!  I was ready to graph the page out to do this, but that goes against the whole idea of Zentangle.  I used "Mooka" as well.

"Pea-nuckle 3#"
Well, I tried the tips given by Cris@TangledUpInArt.  They were very helpful.  But I still am not satisfied.  I can see a lot more practice needed on this tangle!  But it did push me to go past one example!  Good Practice...Have a good week everyone!  Thanks, Laura.  Go see all the other entries, please, as you have time!
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gloria J Zucaro's "Life Source"

3.5 Inches Square Original Pen & Ink Design On 140lb Watercolor Paper
$3.50 unframed $1.00 Shipping 
Email Me with any questions
See framing options tab on home page.
Would love to have your comments.

This week the Diva challenge was to use a sepia color in our designs.  I was a little hesitant because I love the traditional black and white designs.  However, once I got started with color, "Eureka!", I loved it and decided to use some blue, green,and orange.   I had decided to make a tree's roots in the sepia color, and wanted my other patterns to be organic.  I really like the final effect.  My title reflects the fact that our roots are the source of everything that comes later in our lives.  Go on over to visit all the other artists,including Laura,aka"The Diva",to see their superb designs!   PS, don't be thrown off by the date on this post.  In order to get all my tangles on a separate page tab in my blog, I have to put them all on December 2010 so they are at the end of all my posts.

Gloria J Zucaro's "Monument to Ruth"

3.5" Square Official Zentangle Tile(140lb. Watercolor paper)
$3.00 unframed
Framing Options tab at top of blog page.
This is in the Daily Paintworks auction.

The "I am the Diva" challenge this week is to do a duo tangle using only the patterns of "Hibred" and "Stircles".
This is somewhat difficult because some other patterns tend to creep in while you are not looking!  It is like having to paint with a very limited palette, a challenge indeed! 
I decided to do a second one with a subject.  It is called "Monument"
3.5" Square Official Zentangle Tile(140lb Watercolor Paper)
$3.00 unframed
This will also be up for auction at Daily Paintworks
I didn't realize it at the time I was drawing it, but the death last night of an artist friend, Ruth Bolotin, may have influenced my thoughts.  We will miss her sweet smile.

Gloria J Zucaro's "It Is Tough Being The Queen!"

3.5"H x 3.5"W Original Pen & Ink Drawing on Official Zentangle Tile
(140lb watercolor paper)
$3.00 Unframed.  For Framing Options see tab at top right of blog page.
This is in the auction on the Daily Paintworks Site.

My drawing tonight was inspired by something I heard on the news.  Apparently in the last 10 years there has been an unusual increase in people who live alone.  Although it is only about a 1% increase and is probably mostly young people starting their careers and marrying later, there was also a large increase of seniors living alone in the Midwest,especially,which is where I live.  So I thought about how I look at it.  I am the queen of my household, with no schedules to meet for another.  I may stay out after most people would go home to cook dinner for the family.  I can decorate my castle as I wish with no consultation with another..except my pocketbook. I can watch any TV show I like at anytime of the night or day, and play my music loud(with consideration for the neighbors!) etc.,etc.  But on the other hand, if something is funny on TV you have no one to laugh with.  If you come home late for dinner and just eat a bowl of pop-corn, that is not so good for you.  If you always have to do all the laundry, all the cleaning, all the cooking, all the yard work, all the bill paying, all the car maintenance, IT IS TOUGH BEING THE QUEEN!  Sometimes you just wish you had someone to take care of you!  But thank goodness...I have wonderful children(and grandchildren) close by and and some further away who keep in close touch.  As an artist I have many artist friends that I see several times a week and who will always help out in a crunch.  So all in all, I am very lucky to have my little kingdom ,er Queendom, all my own!   Disclaimer!  I am not sad or lonely, just pensive this time around.           This is my Paint Party Friday entry for this week.  Go see all the wonderful artwork offered by the many artists who go to the party hosted by Eva & Kristin!

Gloria J Zucaro's "Light & Dark"

3.5"H x 3.5"W Original Ink Design on Official Zentangle Tile(140LB Watercolor Paper).
$3.00 unframed
For Framing Options see tab at top of page.
This will be for sale on  

This was a fun evening with the members of the Hoffman Estates Art League.  We decided to "chill" or "Zen" and all tangle together!  Lots of laughs and "What are you doing?!" when looking at variations of patterns called PURK, PARADOX, CARRES, HOLLIBAUGH, HIBRED, and BUBBLES.  But as usual when you tangle they all came out beautifully!

This is my entry for Jennifer Mclean's  The Artist's Playroom The prompt this week is to do a piece of artwork that is "dark and light".  What could be more dark and light than black and white!

Gloria J Zucaro's "Of The Earth"

3.5 Inch Circle
140lb Watercolor Paper
Original Pen & Ink Design
$3.00 for auction on the Daily Paintworks site.
See framing options tab above

On Monday 4/23, the offered up this weeks challenge.  We were to do a tangle that represented Earth Day. A round tile was suggested or themes concerning Earth Day.  I had a black circle tile to use and inked it with a white Micron pen.  My tangles from top left are the pattern "Black Eyed Peas" representing amoeba,"Afterglow" representing palm fronds,"Bales" representing wheat, middle left side pattern "Fern" for ferns, of course, "Feather" representing birds of all types,the center is a variation of "Paradox" representing diamonds,"Betweed" representing waves.  Lower left starts with "Barber Pole" for snakes, along with "Ahh" for snowflakes, then finally a "Bulb Lantern" variation that looks like rolly poly bugs to me, so represents all bugs! This was really fun to do, thanks, Laura the "Diva"!

Gloria J Zucaro's "Tax Time Tangle"

2.5"H x 3"W on official Zentangle tile, 140lb watercolor paper.
Listed in Daily Paintworks Auctions.
see framing options above on menu bar

I did this original tangle with dollar signs,plus signs, blanks and squiggles representing signature spaces,dollar bill shapes and some tears, of course!  This may be matted and framed under glass, email me for price, or sent in a protective clear bag to be put in your album or to frame yourself. 

Gloria J Zucaro's "Twist & Turn"

3.5"H x 3.5"W Original Pen & Ink Design
$3.00  Email Me
This is challenge #62 from the  Laura who hosts the Diva site tells us what the challenge will be each Monday.  This weeks challenge came from Certified Zentangle Teacher, Marizaan van Beek, all the way from South Africa! The challenge was to do the tangle Paradox wrapped around a spiral pattern.  Any other patterns used to complete the design were permitted, as long as the spirals were wrapped in the pattern Paradox which is made starting with a square or triangle.  The shapes that develop are so interesting, looking like fans that are twisted and turned in all directions.  After the ink design is complete you shade some areas to give it more dimension. Some of the other patterns used are variations on Jeewels,Vega,Carres,Jetties, Feathers and Beadlines.         Comment Here

Gloria J Zucaro's "Zen Thank You"

3.5"H x 3.5"W Original Pen and Ink Design

This is my Paint Party Friday entry.  I made this thank you tangle for a dear friend who remembered something I had mentioned that I wanted a few years ago.  While on vacation in Florida she found it and brought it home for me.  Such a thoughtful person with an extremely good memory!  Thank you Eva and Kristin for hosting the party!

Gloria J Zucaro's "Oh Happy Day"

3.5H x 3.5W Original Pen & Ink on Official Zentangle Tile
Diva Challenge # 61
This weeks "I am the Diva" challenge was to use the pattern Golven in your tangle.  The worms' body is done with Golven.  Other patterns used are Echo,Msst,Slalom,Bubbles,and Cat-kin.  I don't know what made me think of a worm!  The pattern itself did lead me to think of a coil, so maybe that is why. For every worm there has to be an apple, hence the title.

Gloria J Zucaro's "Cirquital & Munchin"

3.5"H x 3.5"W Original Pen and Ink on Zentangle Tile.
$5.00 Unframed.  $7.00 Framed. 
This Zentangle tile has the two patterns known as "Cirquital" and "Munchin".  The challenge from the site this week.  We were to use only these two patterns in our design.  Not an easy challenge, as there is the temptation to add in some filler designs, and thereby defeat the challenge purpose. I had never done either of these designs before.  Aparently the "cirqu" part of the first design refers to circus.  With that in mind, I thought of Cirque du Soleil and red and white circus tents.  The balls tumbling across my design, are to represent the tumblers in Cirque du Soleil. And the Munchin could represent the high wire acts?!

Gloria J Zucaro's "Mardi Gras Mask"

Original Pen & Ink Design on 5"H by 7"W watercolor greeting card.
$5.00 plus 50 cents shipping.
This is my entry for The Diva Challenge of the week which is a Mardi Gras theme, and for my Paint Party Friday entry.  This was a lot of fun to do.  I went to a Mardi Gras party last weekend and this was my mask.  In reality it is covered gold glitter and sequins with a black felt piece that comes up between the eyes at the top edge and black feathers all around  the felts edges.  The ribbons are a matte gold and a shiny gold.


Gloria J Zucaro's "Four Diamonds"

3.5"H x 3.5"W Original ink design on Zentangle Tile
Hand-colored with Sakura Metallic GellyRoll Pens. 
$3.00 includes mailing. Email Me

The is a Diva Challenge and in support  of  The Four Diamonds Fund.  "The Four Diamonds Fund was started by Charles and Irma Millard after their son, Christopher, lost his 3 year battle with cancer in 1972.  Symbolic of the traits Christopher felt were needed to defeat cancer, he wrote a story in which the knight Sir Millard overcomes obstacles to achieve the four diamonds of Courage, Wisdom, Honesty and Strength. "  This quote is from the Diva website.  As I envisioned my diamonds I also thought of hope- the Sunburst in my design,Flowers- growth and renewal,Connectors and Hearts-we are all connected by the ones we love.  Boomerang shapes for Karma we give and receive.
DL-SUNRAY-Donna Hornsby, CZT
BUTTERCUP-Sandy Bartholomew,CZT

Gloria J Zucaro's "For Lucy" and "Aura2"

"For Lucy"
3.5" Square on Official Zentangle Tile.  140 lb. Watercolor Paper
Pen & Ink, Metallic Markers.

3.5" Square on Official Zentangle Tile.  140 lb. Watercolor Paper
Pen & Ink
$3.00 free shipping for tile itself.  See examples of framing options below second design.

These two tangle designs are for Laura's " I am the Diva" challenge this week.  Last week Laura's darling baby, Artoo, was in the hospital with pneumonia, so no challenge last week.  I am so happy that Artoo is recouping at home now which is less stressful for them both as well as the rest of Laura's family.

The challenge design this week is doing auras around your basic design.  An aura is sort of like an echo, where the waves of sound keep flowing outward, or like throwing a pebble into water.  In my first design I did a tribute to my daughter, Lucy, as April 17 is her birthday.  I will frame this to give to her when we get together.  She works as an elementary education art teacher, so no nights out during the week! :-)  The design says April 17 2012 happy Birthday Lucy.

In my second design I went through my collection of designs and picked about 7 different designs and did my variations on them.  Then I began to make an aura around them.  As the lines flow outward they change as they bump into the other designs, so that you always have a change of shape.  I love the random nature of tangles because the end result is always a surprise.

An example of 8"H x 10"W Frame 
This framing option is $25. which includes two mats, glass, frame, back cover and hanging wire.

An example of 8" Square Frame,
 Available in natural (shown), darker wood finish, white or black painted finish.
This framing is $10. which includes frame, glass and hanger.

Gloria J Zucaro's "Hugs & Kisses" Valentine Card

5"H x 7"W ink, marker and colored pencil on watercolor paper.
$2.00 includes shipping.  My Email\

Click on image to enlarge for more detail

My original design in black and white is below.  I had cards printed from my photos.  After the cards were printed I added the color to the two hearts.  The basketweave shadows are with pencil, the brighter colors in the two hearts with paint pens.  I notice that the background of the card looks blue for some reason.  It is not, it is sepia toned. This is considered a ZIA, Zentangle in art. This is my Happy Valentine to you all.  Thank you for appreciating my art.
This is my Paint Party Friday entry, too.  Happy PPF!.

Gloria J Zucaro's "Rose Botanical"

Original Drawing on 20"H x 10"W 
Canvas decoupaged with white tissue and embellished with metallic paint pens.

                                        To see a larger picture, just click on the photo above.

I really enjoyed this new project.  I had done a drawing with permanent marker on a different canvas before and found that I thought I would like a textured surface over the canvas.  I decoupaged the 20"H x 10"W canvas with white tissue paper, then did my intuitive drawing in black marker.  I then had to decide whether to color the roses or the background.  In this instance I decided to use paint markers to color the roses, their stems and leaves., and leave the background in black and white.  Do not be fooled by the date.  i have to put an old past date to separate out my tangles from my regular oil paintings on my blog.  You can go to "All My Tangles" at the top menu bar.  I also am posting this to Jenn's Artist's Playroom for the week of June 3, even though i did this a while ago.

Gloria J Zucaro's "Colorized Peacock"

5"H x 7"L Original Mixed Media Design

This is my final version of my thank you card to my daughter Faye and her family for the Christmas presents they gave to me.  A necklace and earrings, a journal and note cards all with a peacock motif were my lovely gifts this year.  I used ink pen and some metallic gel markers on watercolor card stock to make my artwork.  I think she will really like it, I do! :-)  Below is the card before I added color.  I would be interested to know which version you prefer.  Market research for future projects ya know!

Gloria J Zucaro's "Lucy's Box of Socks"

5"H x7"W Original Ink Design on Watercolor Cardstock

I spent an enjoyable evening preparing this "Thank You" card for my daughter Lucy and Grandson Alex to thank them for the Christmas gifts they gave me.  One of their gifts to me was a big box of all kinds of socks.  Some were black and some were white.  But there were also Christmas socks, socks with polka dots, socks with hearts, socks with penguins,socks with diamonds,socks with kites,socks with rainbows,socks with cupcakes,socks with polar bears,socks with cherries.  A whole lot of really fun socks!  I had told her I needed socks when she asked what I would like for Christmas...what a great surprise, a great big box of socks! Designs inspired by Zentangles.

This is my entry for Paint Party Friday.  Happy PPF.

Gloria J Zucaro's Zentangle Inspired "For The Holidays"

3.5"H x 3.5"W  Pencil and Ink on Official Zentangle Tile.
Unframed.  May be framed with mat as you would for watercolor.
$5.00 $1.00 S&H

I thought up some of my own tangles for this one to have a holiday theme.  It includes one official Zentangle pattern as far as I know.  The upper left corner that looks like snow flakes is called "AHH".  I then made the branches of an evergreen tree, a pattern of candles, and another of stars.  In the little loops, I put squares to represent boxes and "barbells" on top to represent ribbon bows on top of the boxes. This is my entry for Paint Party Friday.  Next week it is back to my oil and pastel paintings!  I have been away for quite awhile.

Gloria J Zucaro's "During Christmas Break"

My tangle series.  This is 2.5"H x 3.5"W on 140 LB watercolor stock, and comes with a little envelope for mailing.  I will put the card and it's envelope into a standard size envelope for mailing.
$3.00 plus $1.00 shipping

During these very busy days, I have not had the opportunity to paint.  But while waiting in the doctor's waiting room, or for family to arrive at the airport, there is always time for small pen work.

 If you would like it framed, see below for example of framing.

With frame, double mat and glass the cost is $35.00 

Gloria J Zucaro's Zentangle Inspired" Thank You"

3.5 Inch Official Zentangle Square Paper Tile

The challenge on the "I am the Diva" site for this week is to make a ZT  and give it away.  This challenge is good until the after Christmas break, with a new challenge for January 9th.  The Diva has a sick baby and I myself have been laid low by a bad cold since the weekend.  So even though I did this about two weeks ago to give to my friend Maria to say "Thank You" for a wonderful Christmas luncheon, I am posting it here today. This is #2 of my Zentangles.

Gloria J Zucaro's" Learning Something New"

3 1/2" Square, Ink on Zentangle  paper.

On Friday I was invited to a Christmas luncheon by an artist friend.  She had not only planned for great food and wonderful companionship with other artists, but had a project for us to do.  We sat at her kitchen table with the supplies she had set out for us to introduce us to an art form called Zentangles. We each had one official Zentangle paper square, a pencil, and two pens with different line thicknesses.

First we were to put dots a little inside of each corner, then connect the dots.  I went wrong right away, by making my connection "bumpy" on two of the sides instead of making it look like a "pillow shape".  But she said it is okay, just have fun!  Then we were to put dots on the edges of the pillow in pencil, then connect the dots across the pillow with our fine point pen so as to divide the pillow into sections.  The first section was filled with lines running parallel to our section line.  See my upper left and lower right bumps.  Then in the same section to go across those lines to make diamond shapes.  Then fill in every other line of diamonds with our thicker point pen.  Next we picked another area and made dots in parallel lines as if you were going to play that connect- the-dots game to complete squares.  See my area in the upper middle.  After that we connected our dots with an "S" line, then connected the opposite sides with the same "S", which resulted in a curvy shape.  Some of us then put squares in the middle of our curvy squares.  And we darkened the little circles that had been the substructure for the design.  Next we were to make scallops across one section.  I got that all mixed up!  I was to make the same scallop shape one on top of the other and then darken with the thick point, every other row.  I went around my perimeter by mistake with the scallops, which did not keep their "scallopy" shape.  So when it came time to darken alternating rows, I ran into areas where two white scallops or dark scallops met.  That meant I started randomly darkening areas and so it looks like Indian Corn instead of a reoccurring pattern which I think is one of the main ideas of Zentangle. See two "bumps" top and bottom.
Next section we were to draw a set of parallel lines in a slight curve across that section.  Then continue with sets of lines but never going over that top set.  We continued to fill that section with parallel lines.  Then we filled in the open areas with"bubbles" or small circles.  See lower middle section.  After that everyone else was done but I had areas that were still open, so I just followed the lines of the open areas to make a maze effect. The other artists were adding some pencil to have more values.  So I started to fill in, with pencil, some of my maze lines.  Again I ran into the problem of having a darkened area meet another already darkened area that would lessen the effect of contrast!

This was a lot of fun and took us about an hour to do.  After I got home, I researched Zentangles on Google.  The originators of the craze are Richard Roberts and Maria Thomas.  The website if you want to find out all about it is   
Since I would like to do more of these and do them properly, I will need to take a lesson from a Certified ZT teacher.  There are two in the area where I live.  Also, there are many patterns which have specific names and their creators name are listed with them.  There are also challenges just like on the Daily Paintworks site.

"Zentangle" is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Our square red logo, "Anything is possible one stroke at a time", "Certified Zentangle Teacher", "CZT", and "Zentomology" are trademarks of Zentangle, Inc.

Gloria J Zucaro's "The Groovy Diva"

3.5"H x 3.5"W Original Pen & Ink on Official Zentangle Tile(140LB Watercolor paper)
$3.00 unframed
For Framing Options see tab at top of page
This can be purchased through the Daily Paintworks auction site

This tangle is for the Monday May 7 Diva Challenge.   
The pattern that is featured is "Groovy" the creation of "Eden" on the "Cuttin' It Up...and Sewing It Back Together" site.  This was a tough one!  It is the curvy pattern in the middle touching all the others. You have to make a continuing line of s-shapes, then the next line is backwards S-shapes, so that you form what looks like beads strung together.  Then each row of beads has diagonal curving lines inside each bead and the next row has those lines going in the opposite direction inside each bead!  Once I got the hang of it it was fun.  It did take a lot of concentration though.  Be sure to go to the Diva's site to see all the other artist's interpretations of this pattern.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Gloria J Zucaro, First Friday Feb. 3 Opening and Exhibit.

Hi everyone,

I am madly preparing for my first two-man gallery show at The Dole Mansion in Crystal Lake Illinois.  I have about 65 paintings to varnish,frame-up, inventory, photograph and hang for the First Friday event on February 3rd.  So I have not been posting to my blog since last Friday.   If you are in our area, I would love to meet you.  The opening is from 5PM until 7:30PM.  401 Country Club Rd., Crystal Lake, IL
I am exhibiting with my friend Dotty Carringi who does beautiful pastel paintings.
 Here is a picture of front of the building and a short history.
Dole Mansion
Back in the 1860s, when the town of Crystal Lake was about 25 years old, Charles S. Dole purchased over 1,000 acres of land overlooking the lake. It was his dream to construct an elaborate estate that would reflect his position as a successful businessman. He was an early member of the Chicago Board of Trade, being associated with Armour, Dole & Co. in Chicago. To carry out his plan, he built a three-story mansion with adjoining gardens and stables. European craftsmen were imported to lay parquet floors, fashion archways and carve interior wood work from black walnut trees grown on the property. As a final touch, he brought in Italian artisans to build several marble fireplaces. According to Mr. Dole's obituary, construction costs exceeded $100,000, an enormous amount of money in those days.

During the early 1900s, the property was owned and operated by several different ice companies. Ice was harvested from Crystal Lake and shipped by rail to nearby Chicago. The advent of refrigeration brought about the decline of the ice business. After laying vacant for several years, the property was sold in 1922 to the Lake Development Company. Today The Dole Mansion is owned by the Lakeside Legacy, along with Lakeside center, which is the building connected to The Dole Mansion. Dole mansion is located along the lake, and there is a festival held on the grounds every year.

Gloria J Zucaro's Collage Class

This past weekend I took part in a collage workshop at The Mainstreet Art Centre in Lake Zurich, IL.  It was taught by Laura Lein-Svencner.  What a fun but intense workshop!  I never realized how labor intensive collage can be!  

We spent the whole first day preparing our papers with staining, stenciling,crinkling, removing color with a metal polishing compound,gessoing, and polymer, polymer, polymer!  All our twenty papers or so had to be polymered on both sides, and transfers had 3 layers of polymer on one side only. So all day it was a constant stream of artists brushing on the polymer or gesso, and carefully carrying their papers one at a time to the back room to let them dry on newspapers that were stacked everywhere on tables and on the floor!

The second day Laura did a complete demo for about an hour and a half.  Then she gave us some small squares of watercolor paper and some of her sample papers(three very small pieces, about 2" x 3", and a couple of transfers.  We were to do practice runs with these three and tear or cut the papers, arrange them and tack them down with a special little heating iron.  Then more polymer, then shading around areas on our pieces to make them more dimensional, adding some pastel if we wished, spray with fixative, polymer, add transfers, tack, moisten the back of the transfer to remove the paper, quickly polymer to avoid a bloom, add beads or what-not....I am exhausted!  And most of you will say "what in the world is she talking about!"

ANYWAY...below are my first efforts with collage.  The first 3 are our practice squares, about 4" square, the fourth and fifth are using our own papers and "Found" objects.  I my, case the flowers and the sunbather that are mixed in with my papers.  These collages are larger.  One is 6" square, the other is 6" x 4".