Monday, January 23, 2017

Gloria j Zucaro's "Jamie Dougherty Project"

Our last project of the third week on CJS17 was with Jamie Dougherty. Jamie showed how she collages her backgrounds with pieces of fabric instead of paper.  She also did a quick demo painting over the dry background.  I didn't have multiple pieces of fabric, but the one I had, had interesting designs on it. Instead of painting my focal point,I applied a transfer to go with the quotation, and ink to some designs, some paint pens and markers. "The road to success runs uphill" by Willie Davis.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro's "Torn Apart with Dina Wakley"

Yesterday, January 21, our CJS 2017 class was with Dina Wakley.  We talked of mark making and then combining marks in a very contemporary way with a line drawing of a face.  We tore the face apart!  Then added our marks and glued it all back together.  I put mine
on the background of an old abstract than I hadn't used for anything else.  I didn't get a good photo of it together so cropped down to the project only.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro's "An Afternoon with Cat Scanlon"

January 20th CJS 2017 had Catherine Scanlon as the presenter.  She talked to us about "mark making" and how to in corporate it into our collage under layers of our paintings and then again at the end.   Our final project over our collage was flowers. I see that next time I will have to make my marks a little darker on the collage background.  But I am happy with my marks over the top after doing the flowers and background.  And I can see the collage through my flower petals.  
My quote for the day is from Marianne Williamson-"A tulip doesn't strive to impress anyone-there's room in the garden for every flower".

Friday, January 20, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro's "CJS 2017 with Mary Beth Shaw"

Yesterday was great to watch the ease with which Mary Beth Shaw the originator of "Stencil Girl" the stencil business was able to complete a two page journal spread.  She used a lot of stencils, of course, and Ranger Dylusion Crayons.  I had another brand of crayons and they did not work well for this project so I had(had to!) order the Ranger brand with some of the gift card money I received for Christmas!  

The quotation or saying for my piece is "A book is like a garden carried in a pocket"-Chinese Proverb.  My journal spread had an Asian theme.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro "Week in Review"

Hello PPF Friends,
Here are the projects I completed this week as well as two drawing/paintings using prompts set up by Tori Weyers of Drawriot.  I will start from the last done to earlier in the week. If you are interested in a little more explanation you can just go to my blog and see each project.

Have a great week and I would love it if you would leave a comment when you have time. Be sure to check all the other projects from PPF, too!

From the prompt "Turquoise" with Tori Weyers
I was inspired by this quote-"She would be half a planet away floating in a turquoise sea, dancing to flamenco guitar"by Janet Fitch in "White Oleander".

From the prompt "Boat"

Journal Pages with Rachel Greig
Quote "Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud." by Maya Angelou

Layering with Rae Missigman-Quote "The purest and most thoughtful
minds are those which love color the most"- John Ruskin

Gloria J Zucaro's "CJS 2017 Project with Rachel Greig"

Today we had Rachel Greig as our CJS 2017 project leader. Rachel made a two part journal spread combining ink stamping, stenciling, collage, stitching and embellishments. My journal pages are below.  This week is also about quotes inspiring us.

My quote is "Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud."

I would love it if you could leave a comment.  Thank you~Gloria

Gloria J Zucaro's "What's Done is Done Again"

For a couple of years I was doing pen and ink drawings with doodles.  I was posting them here and on my page on Facebook Gloria J Zucaro in Pen & Ink especially for those drawings. On Instagram recently I saw Tori Weyers was doing daily drawings inspired by a prompt(word) each day of January. I decided to try it when I could fit it in my schedule. Here is my first one. I truly don't know where these crazy ideas come from! The January 17 prompt was "Boat".

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro "Putting on Layers with Rae Missigman"

Today I got to make a colorful relaxing mix of paint, watercolor crayons and pencils, ink, glue, collage and a quote.  The quotation addition is our theme for this week on CJS 2017, about how we are inspired by quotes or if we have favorite quotations.  Or project leader today for our CJS17 project was Rae Missigman who can be found at

My quotation-"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most" by John Ruskin  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro's "CJS with Gina Rossi Armfield"

I really enjoyed Gina's project today.  We use part of a printed image and sketched and did a watercolor painting to replicate it on the other side. She used a Monarch Butterfly in her demonstration.
I used a Painted Lady Butterfly. The right side is the image printed on my computer, the left side I drew and painted with watercolor, Posca Paint Markers and Micron Pigma Pens, scroll below final photo.  I used watercolors and gesso as the background.  My quotation, "Freedom is in Your Mind".  I don't know who said it, but I don't think I made it up! LOL!  Have a good week, Gloria

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro "With Gina Lee Kim and CJS 2017"

Our project with Gina Lee Kim was both fun and a new learning experience. Gina loves watercolor. But she also loves to mix it up with molding paste, stencils and metallics. My finished project is below.
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Have a great week.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro's "This Week With CJS 2017"

Another busy week of projects with Creative Jump Start 2017, hosted by Nathalie Kalbach.  I had some dental surgery and took a day off for that, so I am feeling rushed.  Here are the projects completed this week.

Black, White and a Touch of Color with Stephanie Schutze

Abstracts with Tori Weyers
These were two halves of a journal spread.  But since the journal had a spiral down the middle, I separated the photographs.
Many Layers Of Fun with Birgit Koopsen

Final project of the first week, done with Andrea Gomoll
I am posting to CJS 2017 and Paint Party Friday.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro's CJS 2017 with Tori Weyers"

I am finally caught up!  Today I tried an abstract a la Tori Weyers.  I did okay until the ink part, then I messed it up so added some gesso to it and felt it still looked okay.  But I am definitely going to try this again and get it right!

Tori didn't have a spiral journal so her two page spread was more cohesive.  I did photograph each side separately even though they were done at the same time.  
Showing below, going backwards from the final above.

Have a wonderful weekend.  If you could leave me a comment, I would be so happy! :>)

Gloria J Zucaro's "CJS 2017 with Birgit Koopsen"

I missed posting yesterday because I had some dental surgery and then some pain meds and didn't feel like doing much at all!  So today I did the project with Birgit Koopsen, and later did today's assignment. Birgit did a wonderful re-purposing of a very plain wooden stool. Her technique is so simple with wonderful effect. First she made her own deli papers decorated with acrylic paint, stencils and stamps. She also collected some printed materials with text. After ripping the papers into small pieces she applied them to the stool. She also used a complimentary paint color to make a design on top of the collaged papers.  Then she did doodles over the painted areas.
Really beautiful!
With time being short, and nothing to repurpose, I did a page in my journal to use her techniques and try her supplies.

Stage One, making papers

Stage Two, Collage

Stage Three, Adding Paint

Stage Four, Add Doodles

Have a nice day tomorrow.  I would love it if you would leave a comment below.
Thanks so much!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro's "CJS 2017 Project with Andrea Gomoll"

Andrea Gomoll's project took me longer than expected, as it involved, gesso(let dry), heavy gel and stencils(let dry) Watercolor paints(let dry) and then add embellishments with heavy gel(let dry), drizzle and drip on candle wax(because I didn't have encaustic hot sticks), and smoosh on dried up gold paint and scribble on silver Liquid Pearls.  This was all great fun!  I really like how it turned out.  I hope you enjoy it, too! Thank you Andrea!

The text refers to my 2017 vacation which will be a Roots on the Rails Music Train trip from Los Angeles to Chicago via New Orleans.  The trip continues from Chicago along the northern route through Colorado back to Los Angeles.  I found out about this trip from a workshop with artist Charlie Hunter. We will have singer/songwriters entertaining us with 3 to four hours of music every day.  There will also be lectures about the flora and fauna of the desert country and of the bayou country.  We will be in special train cars isolated from the other cars on the train.  There will be three sleepers, a dining car, a car where we will be entertained, and a observation car.

Below are views from different angles.

have fun , make art, BUY ART!!! :>)


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro's "Being Whimsical with Jodi Ohl"

Good morning.  Well, I have had my coffee, breakfast and watched parts of Sunday Morning as I took breaks to take down a few Christmas items and watch our next project video with CJS 2017
( tune in tomorrow for my next post).
I love Jodi Ohl's artwork!  Here is my version of her lesson on painting whimsical birds.   I don't know why I picked a rooster as my whimsical bird??  But here he is in all his glory.  Candy corn came to mind, and I eventually turned them into flowers or maybe growing candy corn is Mr. Rooster's hobby?  I certainly like all the colors they come in now.

Products I used. Ampersand Clayboard sealed with Clear Gesso.  Marks All pencils, Neocolor II Watercolor Crayons, Liquitex Paint Pens, Jet markers in black and white.  I tried some Gelatos, but that didn't work either. I had some trouble with getting any pencil to write on my surface, but the markers did the trick.  I did use the fixative at the end, since I had attempted mark making in some areas.  I plan to eventually spray with a gloss finish, too.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro's "Fifth Project with Jimmy Leslie"

Today's video was about all the different ways to use our acrylic mediums and paints.  Jimmy Leslie also suggested using supplies that are lying around the house and yard for applying our mediums or for adding 3-D elements to our collage work.  So I used the mediums I had to do to my two pieces.  I tried making skins with my acrylic paints plus Airbrush Flow Medium.  It takes practice!  How to spread the paint on a surface, how thick if you want transparency, and how to remove it in more than a zillion small pieces when it dries!  I had thought to make fairly large pieces so that I could cut it into strips to weave together, thereby changing the colors.  For example, Jimmy showed a hanging piece that had the three primaries of red, yellow, blue.  When they were woven together the yellow and blue made green, etc. But alas!  My paint was applied to thinly, and totally shredded when I tried to remove it from the palette.  I decided to glue it onto a clear plastic card cover.  I did overlap some shreds and for at night when there is not window light behind it, I added some opaque paint in drips, and dashes here and there.

Examples of skins using either Credit card, knife or brayer to apply to palette paper.
On the window, you can see through the lighter colors

Flat on the table to see how it will look at night on the window

For my other part of this project, I painted over an old painting with 2 coats of Black Gesso.  Then I used my Flexible Modeling Paste to Stencil some large snowflakes along the top edge.  I added a Stencil of a bird using Ceramic Stucco and a dried twig.  I used Heavy Gel Medium to cement down the twig.  Then I had to let everything dry.  Next I added some Handmade collage paper along the bottom edge.  I used SILKS paints to color the stucco on the bird and splattered with white Fluid Acrylic paint.  I wondered about adding more, or changing the bird to look more like a Cardinal, but decided I liked it as it is.

Now on to the next CJS 2017 Project!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Gloria J Zucaro's "First Five Days of Creative Jumpstart 2017"

I joined Nathalie Kalbach and 27 other artist demonstrators to participate as a student for the month of January.  Since I can only show Paint Party Friday one post, and since I have to post each project separately for the special CJS 2017 link-up, this is my second post tonight.  I will show you the 4 days of projects so far.  Day one was a welcome video by the hostess Nathalie.  Each of the other four days were other artists whose demos we watched and used some of their techniques to do our own version of the project. Please check in to Paint Party Friday hosted for the last 6 years by Eva and Kristin.  You will find wonderful art and inspiration there.
First Project Day 2 with Marsha Valk

Day 3 with Mystele Kirkeeng

Day 4 with Glyn Macey

Day 5 fourth Project with Pam Carriker

Gloria J Zucaro's "Day 4 of CJS 2017 with Pam Carriker"

Pam Carriker did a wonderful portrait demonstration using Pan Pastels, Mixed Media Adhesive, a stencil and stabilo pencils.  I didn't have the Pan Pastels or the adhesive or the stencil for the base of the face.  So I found a photo on Google images asking for "pretty girl with long curly hair"!  I thought the image I picked was perfect for our project.  I have a lot of pastel pencils and soft pastels, so I used what I had.